Café du Parisien de Paulig – Awesome coffee

Roast level

Roast level 5!

Café du Parisien de Paulig(Eng. Parisien Coffee from Paulig). Usually in Finland we drink ‘soft’ coffee meaning it’s roasted lightly, but this coffee is from a different planet, and it’s defined as extra dark. This coffee has very fine taste and goes very well with salty or sweet snacks. If you choose, as I often do, you can drink it without anything special. Below I’ll be introducing the coffee with some delightful pics so be sure to check’em out.

By the way in the heading of the post I tried out some French, so if anyone knows better, please correct me. I studied French for three years, but that doesn’t quarantee anything.

Enough talking let us dive in to the pictures. Can you feel a cup of coffee calling for you allready.

(Disclaimer: I take no responsobility of you abuse of coffee due to this article, so just enjoy your coffee but don’t go overboard.)

Dark roast coffee

Mmm.. coffee, the Cocoa on the right is delicious too.

In the background there’s my coffee brewer the classical Moccamaster. The coffee itself is stored in the fridge to keep it more fresh.

Letting the aroma out for people to enjoy.

Pouring the coffee in to one arabia cup

Fresh stuff

Home brewed taste

Can you taste it?

Any comments, thoughts, ideas or oppinions, feel free to drop a line. Hope you enjoy your coffee. I know you began to have desire for one cup. ;)

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