Cooling fans so silent you forget them

What are we talking about? As many of you might know Noctua is building many good solutions for cooling your computer and its components. All the products are made with low noise in mind. Low noise is good in many cases. For example your using your as a server, which usually means it’s on at the night time too, or maybe you like your music with no extra noise. There are also professional reasons if I may use it as an expression to illustrate when I’m talking advanced use.

Noctua cooling fans are very durable, very efective and they offer a good quarantee, for example the fans I bought were offered a six year quarantee.  Now that we covered some basic knowledge about Noctua lets move to the product. I bought it from Verkkokauppa, with reasonable price 21.90€, which is more expensive then others, but the performance is really worth it.

Here’s some features it has:

  • Bevelled blade tips, which are claimed to cause more static pressure and airflow.
  • Three speed settings providing speeds 1200,900 and 600 rpm via adapters provided, there is also an additional part you can buy to make the speed adjustment stepless.
  • SSO-Bearing which means that rotor axis has self-stabilisation and thus produces less noise.
  • Acoustical noise levels are 18.1 dB(A), 10.6 dB(A) and 6.2* dB(A) (*extrapolated value)

All in all I’m so pleased with the product that I will definetely be buying Noctua’s products in the future too and I’ll be writing about them too you then.

Here’s a one quite lazy video about the product. It’s ok if you dont like it is’nt a masterpiece :D. I’ll give 41/2/5 stars because the color could be something else.

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  1. Toni L كاتب الموضوع

    Thanks, there will be more of this, and I can assure the quality will get better. :) This was my first ever video, done with pinacle studio 12 so I’m quite pleaesed.

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