أرشيف الوسوم: design

Fooled by design

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I go to a local store or webshop I first look for the cheapest price. “But hey, wait! There’s that awesome ‘blinging’, golden, shiny and super cool alternative. Oh, it’s three times more expensive :(, but hey who cares it appeals to my eye. Is anyone with me?”

This time I went for a new cable for my external hard drive. I needed an e-sata cable and the cheapest was something like 5€ and I have no doubt that it would have been enough. Then I saw this Lacies flat cable with a cool color and I was like: ” This is something!”. All of a sudden I had forgotten that I just came for the cable. I might be painting the story a bit more vividly than it is, but the bottomline is that I was fooled by the design.

Here’s the product then.

Nicely boxed cable :)

Here are the contents of the package,

It has got stickers! Wooouuu, so cool!

There it is then and I have to admit that I like the design and the price was ~16€. Tell about your shopping experiences where you’ve bought something that had barely no advantage upon the cheaper product for the same purpose.