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Taking WordPress to Facebook

I got this idea from Risto who asked me on Facebook, if I’m posting manually about new posts on WordPress. I assume that by now Risto is using this plugin for WP too.

Let’s introduce the Wordbook application. Here is a link for the plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordbook/.  Application is very easy to install and use, needless to say that you have to give your Facebook information to the plugin and allow it’s operation. Plugin uses Facebook API to communicate with WP, and as you finalize the install it redirects you to Facebook so that you can get an authorization code for the communication. Ultimately it’s faster then Facebook RSS fetch. One of the significant limitations in current version (0.15.7) is that you’re able to post one article in 24 hours. There is no way to adjust this without going to MySQL. The reason for this limitation is to prevent flooding/spamming to Facebook.

Program is very new and has a lot of limitations and it will not work allways, one thing it will not do is to post password protected posts, which is quite obvious. Sometimes Facebook might just not work and that is something the plugin cannot affect. The plugin has proven to be very popular though it’s still in developement. I will follow how it works and write more about the user experience and how many times it has failed.

Here are the stats for the plugin (captured6.3.2010). Click the image to see stats in full size. Thats it for this time, feel free to express yourself in the comments.